Exceptional Achievements
Personnage sur charpente
Menuiserie volets intérieurs fermés
Gare du Nord - Paris (75)
Bibliothèque de Schoelcher (Martinique)
Menuiserie de style
Eglise de Landelles-et-Coupigny (14)
Ironwork / Locksmith Work
Parlement de Bretagne - Rennes (35)
Hôtel de Beauvais (75)
Woodwork / Cabinet-making
Croquis boiserie
Séléction bois
Hôtel Desandrouin (62)
Atelier Charpente
Lycée Montesquieu - Le Mans (72)  -  Restauration du campanile sur la chapelle
Appartement privé - Paris (75)
Silly Tillard (60)
Output / Sawmill

The Perrault Frères Workshops are very happy to welcome you on their new website. More user-friendly, more ergonomic, it's an invitation for you to take your time and browse through more than 150 references.

All of them reflect the passion that has been driving us for the past 250 years, one generation after another. Having earned the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label in 2006 (Living Heritage Company label), we blend sophisticated technical skills and traditional know-how and are constantly seeking to create innovative products.

Our Grands Boulevards Windows are a recent example of this, earning us the Batimat Trophy in 2007.

As you discover these pages, we hope that they will be the shortest path between the Perrault Frères Workshops and yourself.

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